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Hytec, a Hytec Group Company, is the largest supplier of hydraulic components and systems in southern Africa and Africa!

The Hytec Group has launched its NEW, easy to use, all-in-one website: Visit www.hytecgroup.co.za now!

As Africas leading hydraulic supplier, we supply components and systems to industrial companies and commercial end-users throughout southern Africa and Africa regardless of machine size or scale.

Hytecs extensive product range includes control equipment, filtration products, tubes, hosing and fittings, cylinders, pumps and motors, gearboxes and accessories:

bullet Valves
bullet Pumps
bullet Motors
bullet Gearboxes
bullet Electronics and Electrical Equipment
bullet Hydraulic Maintenance Tools

Our complete range of hydraulic solutions includes planning and design, manufacture and assembly, testing, installation and commissioning in addition to full service and repair capabilities.

Hytec was awarded the stringent Bosch Rexroth Certified Service Centre of Competency accreditation (CSC-C) for the servicing of mobile and industrial hydraulic systems and components at its Spartan (Johannesburg) facility. The facility was recertified in 2014 following the mandatory 5 year re-auditing period.

Hytec has 15 branches throughout South Africa 7 branches in neighbouring southern African countries.

As southern Africa's largest hydraulics specialist, you'll find a complete, fully configurable range of brand-manufactured components and full systems for your hydraulics needs.

For all of your hydraulic requirements, contact Hytec today!

Hytec Afripower Hydraulic Components and Systems

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Seamless Integration of Hydraulics and Electronics


The installation and commissioning of of a new test bench for ……

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Hytec Products & Services
  Hytec offers the following quality industrial hydraulic products and services to the South African market:  
  Project Capability:  
  Services & Support:  
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